In the preparation phase we interview the hiring manager and other representatives of the client organization to create the most accurate picture possible of the history, structure, culture and goals of the organization, the key requirements of the position and a well-articulated description of attributes of the ideal candidate. A unique position description is created for every assignment.

Identification & Attraction of Candidates

The research phase explores a wide variety of sources to identify the largest pool of relevant candidates. Preliminary phone conversations identify candidates who are both qualified and interested. The art of this crucial, initial screening process sets GF Parish Group apart from the competition in that we ask the right questions, and follow-up questions, to assess ability, interest and best elements of fit. Even at this early stage we must exhibit excellent presentation and communication skills as well as knowledge of the position and of the client in order to attract targeted candidates and instill interest. The identification process remains ongoing until a hire is completed.


We conduct an in-depth in-person interview with each candidate who meets our initial qualifying screens. An interview questionnaire is prepared for each position that enables us to provide to the client information that is incremental to the high level overview usually found in a resume. As we consult with our clients we often determine specific items of most interest for each search. References are usually collected prior to presentation of a candidate to the client but they are generally not called before the presentation unless a particular situation calls for clarification or verification.


GF Parish Group is committed to a presentation of informative candidate write-ups that extend beyond the often scant information in a resume to provide all the necessary facts and evaluations of strengths and weaknesses, thereby allowing the client’s interview and decision-making processes to be productive and efficient.  An initial in-person presentation of 6 – 8 qualified candidates is our goal.


At the client’s discretion, we typically facilitate negotiations between the client and the successful candidate, providing a neutral buffer between the two sides.  Some of our clients prefer to manage the entire hiring process themselves.  During this period we are actively in touch with all candidates still under consideration in order to manage expectations and keep them informed throughout the process.

Post Search Assessment

An important and often overlooked element of the traditional search process is retention.  We continue to work with clients after the hire to assist with any integration issues for new employees; we communicate with both the client and new employee periodically to assess perceptions, performance and happiness. By communicating with both parties and assisting with any feedback, we help bridge the gap between the hire and successful integration and retention.