When it comes to team lift-outs, experience counts. Lift-outs represent complex and tricky transactions that can easily be derailed if not planned and executed in just the right way. Issues range from assessing culture fit and investor reaction, to evaluating legal restrictions and ramifications, all while assessing ego and the “emotional” involvement of the team participants. Our deep experience provides the knowledge required to effectively mediate through the legal, personal and business nuances that are part of every lift-out effort, and to help our clients cross the finish line. GFPG team placements and mandates include:

  • Emerging Market Debt
  • Quantitative Fixed Income
  • International and Global Growth Equities
  • Small Cap Growth Equities
  • Small Cap Value Equities
  • Large Cap Growth Equities
  • Large Cap Value Equities
  • Asset Allocation / Global Macro Approaches
  • Long/short equity approaches
  • Long/short credit approaches