Competitive Advantages

Dedicated Senior Team

All searches are conducted by our senior team.  Our extensive experience working in the investment management industry, our knowledge, our style and our instincts make up the service that we offer and cannot be executed by junior staff in our stead.

Leadership and Focus

By placing talent exclusively in the investment management business for over a decade, we are able to serve as industry experts and formulate benchmarks of excellence and performance for each role. We share those perspectives with our clients, both conversationally and more formally, through white papers and focused research projects.

Exceptional Presentation of Candidates

Each candidate that emerges as a suitable fit following our in-depth interview process is presented in a thorough written narrative.  The narratives provide such extensive detail and insight on elements of fit with the client’s culture that they often substitute for the typical first round of interviews, permit an easy side-by-side comparison of candidates, and shorten the overall hiring process.

Respectful Candidate Management

As relentless as we are in pursuing information from our candidates, we are equally respectful of their time, needs and egos.  By keeping them well-informed and providing appropriate feedback, we build long-term relationships and leave positive impressions of our clients.

Small Off-Limits List

Because we are a boutique and the fact that a majority of our searches represent repeat assignments for our clients, we restrict the number of searches we conduct in any given year, as well as the number of new client relationships.  As a result, very few organizations are on our off-limits list.

Collaborative Client Relationships

Throughout our entire process, we work closely with our clients to understand their needs, measure their satisfaction and relentlessly work to find exceptional talent to fill the assignment.  Our commitment extends beyond the life of the search, however. Post search communication with both the hiring manager and the new employee help assure a good ongoing relationship and alignment of expectations.

Success-Based Remuneration

We offer go-the-extra mile retained service with a highly competitive fee structure that rewards results, and aligns our success directly with that of our clients.